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On the contrary, I think it'd be better to have him alive so we can end his storyline in a satisfactory way instead of "He went bat***** crazy and was killed by 4 guys". That just isn't very heroic or logical and doesn't fit his character.
On the contrary. Revan was always a Well Intentioned Extremist. See the Mandalorian Wars. He also was "brainwashed and crazy" by the Emperor before, and if Kreia is right, his entire campaign as Darth Revan also falls very firmly under the Well Intentioned Extremist category. His plan to wipe out the Empire and the Sith (while completely unrealistic) fits his character very well. After all he has already shown several times that he is willing to do extreme and downright evil things to accomplish something he perceives to be a good outcome.

After all, when defeated on the Empire flashpoint "The Foundry" he disappears in a flash of light which could be due to him (potentially) using Fold Space or Teleport.

Considering that he quotes Malaks dying words, it is very heavily implied he died in that force explosion.