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Ok, ok, I'm not lore specialist. He may return as force ghost like that female jedi (exile?) in Jedi Prisoner questline or Master Orgus Din did. But I hope he won't return as living, that would be too much. I haven't played kotor but in swtor I didn't even like him; he is a bit full of himself. But again, it's my opinion
On the contrary, I think it'd be better to have him alive so we can end his storyline in a satisfactory way instead of "He went bat***** crazy and was killed by 4 guys". That just isn't very heroic or logical and doesn't fit his character.

After all, when defeated on the Empire flashpoint "The Foundry" he disappears in a flash of light which could be due to him (potentially) using Fold Space or Teleport.

I agree with his story needing to be sealed, but not the way it currently is left. They should end Revan's story in a respectable manner, and one that makes sense.
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