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started when game came out quit shortly there after. started playing again but seem very lost. trying to fight urge to level to quickly. with that being said.

i bought treek to level up with me..he she got 2 sets of equipment....whats the difference between the 2?
I can't remember what the original stats are but they're so low in level that they should be upgraded fairly quickly anyway. I would assume one has the endurance heavy mods/armorings and the other main stat mods/armorings, since she acts as either a tank or a healer.

whats the best way to go about deciding on how to update said gear?
Try to keep the gear up to date every 5 levels. You don't have to upgrade the gear that often though, it's down to your expereince, how well you play and to some extent presence.

if i want treek to just heal what stat do i stack?
The first 35 or so levels are only offering two stats on enhancements and mods, go with the "main stat" heavy mods and power on the enhancements for a heal companion. The planetary vendors are not always offering the dps/heal mods though, some of them only carry the endurance heavy stuff, in which case it can be a good idea to wait with an upgrade until you can shop from the next vendor (assuming you are not capped on comms)

im worried about missing out on achievements if i dont do all the quests per planet because thats kills i miss out on, is my only option is to do all the quests even though it seems i outlevel each planet before the quests are done?
I would say yes. I've skipped a good deal of stuff but did some of it on 10 55's on my current server and it feels like I havent even scratched the surface of the achivements. I'm not even sure if running every side-quests the normal way on all 8 classes is enough to max out the planetary achivements. It feels like you, on top of doing them on every class, have to go out of your way/grind a fair bit to (most achivements revolve around killing X enemies and some stretch in the 2500 range) . Simply getting all the heroics done can be a time consuming task because it's not always easy to find players, probably because a lot of people are on alts and just rush through the planets like me.

Also, remember that every companion you get have achivements for 100 and 1000 kills so if you're looking to max those without grinding them it's a good idea to swap to the new companion as soon as you get it. I didnt do this on all my chars so I went back to the starter planets afterwards and quickly killed a bunch of low enemies. The companion category is the only category I have maxed out, give or take the Jaesa dark achivement since I haven been arsed to roll a second Warrior.