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03.24.2014 , 11:08 AM | #10
I have 3-4 characters at the moment, nothing special between 20-30 lvl, and of course i cant choose one to main and finally enjoy the game, so i guess i need help :P

Defence: 4
Support(Healing): 7
Damage: 9
Light Side(Good+Lawful alignments): 6
Dark Side(Evil+Chaotic alignments): 7
Empire: 4
Republic: 6
Lightsabers: 6
The Force: 4
Tech Gadgets: 7
Guns(Blasters, Snipers, etc): 8
Armour: Heavy
Dual Wielding: Neutral
Big Weapons(two handed): No
Stealth: Neutral
Method of damage: Direct
Scope of damage: Multi-target
Favourite SW character: both Fetts and Han
Prior MMO experience/liked class(es)/etc: affliction lock and combat rogue (wow) / Champion (lotro) / Warrior and Engineer (gw2)