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03.24.2014 , 09:13 AM | #9
Based on your specs the Jedi Sentinel-Combat would be just perfect(the equivalent of Carnage Mara).

If you just insist on either Trooper or smuggler, I'd have to say Trooper because Scoundrel smuggler is eliminated(no to stealth) and Gunslinger, well, you've gotta really like damage in order to play him. He is eliminated as well. This leaves the Trooper. For a jack of all trades, I'd have to say Commando, which seems is what you want. Vanguard is ok as well, but sth tells me you don't want to go melee with trooper.

I'd still HIGHLY suggest Combat Sentinel and if not, a hm..., Gunnery Commando(this is very akin to the Arcane mage-any thoughts on that one?).

That's that.