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03.24.2014 , 05:42 AM | #7
If you switched over to the balance seer, that'd be quite like balance druid. It's got a lot of CC, so it'd be akin to the Ice as well(Pinning Resolve <3). That one should be your main.

As for the second, it'll be a Marauder. Carnage Marauder. I'll explain why in ~30 minutes. Here is why:

You probably played a Fury Warrior in wow. You know two weapons? Not only that, but you actively said that you wanted sth in the middle. While Carnage is pretty shifted towards damage spectrum, it still has nice Defensive mechanics(6s cd interrupt, Cloak of Pain etc) coupled with an awesome ability you get in 40s I think(Bloodlust I think it's called. The equivalent of Sent's inspiration and yes there is a reason why it has staggering THREE MINUTES cd) that will output an unusual amount of support. Combat/Carnage is the most difficult of all Sent/Mara trees though. There is an additional reason why I steered you in that way. You see, both the Carnage and Qui Gon use the same stance: Ataru stance or the more formal name: Form IV. Besides, it's the archetypical stance from the movies(I am more of a Makeshi/Soresu type of guy). Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Yoda and Luke all used it. Oh and it's as direct as it comes(only Sniper is more direct lol).

In short: Sith Warrior-Sith Marauder-Carnage.