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Also....if you're playing a Jedi'll want to be sure to keep T-7 Well geared. I won't say why Just trust me when I say "you'll be glad you did" Lol
Well, an addition was made to the section of the game you are referring to where a brand new set of T7 gear is available to pick up, even if you haven't been keeping up with T7's gear prior.

OP: As others have said, there is no single ending to each of the class stories. Each class story is its own arc, with the Chapters 1-3 being completely unique to your class. Along the way of the class stories, you can pick up side quests, flashpoints, and world arcs (which are just a series of sidequests). All of these are shared among the other classes in your faction and have the same content, aside from minor differences in dialogue referencing your class.

Once you are past the class story after Chapter 3, you have a host of new arcs available: a level 50 planet, new flashpoint stories, a large operation arc, repeating events with stories of their own, daily areas with unique stories on a variety of planets (some on their own, personal planets), and the Chapter 4 arc started from a quest icon on your ship's holoterminal--all shared among your faction. As a side note, the official word has been that no class stories are in production and won't be, but recently word has changed due to high demand to "we are fully aware of the demand" for new class arcs, but has not said anything past that.

True enough, major events that take place in some of the class stories (particularly at the end or near end), world arcs, or flashpoints may be referenced in other class stories or later world arcs. However, they are generally non-specific, and actually give a fascinating new perspective on different events. You're in for a great ride.
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