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Anger Management, a fairly new Republic PVE-focused guild, is currently looking for active people to come join us for guild Story mode content, as well as gear up to become potential subs for our HM progression team.

We are also still looking for a geared Sage or Commando DPS with healing experience to come join our HM team. This recruit would need have Mumble with a working mic, Parsec, and at the very least, full Story mode experience of every level 55 operation (any Dread Fortress/Dread Palace HM experience is a plus). Gear most be a mix of at least 72/78 with augment for your spec.

Any level 55 is eligible to join us, all we ask is that you have at least the basic gear required for SM ops. Our team of experienced officers are very helpful and willing to walk people through new fights and get you the gear you need.

Anyone that has HM experience, please apply as we need subs for the HM progression team. Basic requirement again for any HM progression team recruit are: Mumble with working mic, Parsec, at least every level 55 SM Ops cleared, and gear that is at least 72/78 mix with augments.

Our schedule for Story mode content varies most of the week, as many of the Core group have multiple characters to run with, but we do have an official Dread Fortress/Dread Palace back-to-back run on Tuesdays at 6 pm server/9 pm Eastern time. The HM progression team meets on Fridays/Saturday from 6pm-9pm server (9pm-12am Eastern). Most guild members are on in late afternoon to late evening.

Feel free to contact me anytime I'm online for an invite or any questions. My character names are in my forum signature. You can also apply at anytime.
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