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03.22.2014 , 04:15 PM | #6
I'm currently looking for a guild for myself and (possibly) two others. I have a gunnery commando and guardian tank as my two main toons. My brother has a tele sage, shadow tank, and sentinel (on pub side); his toons are solid, but hasnt done HM Oricon much. My dad has a tele sage and seer sage; bother are solid as well, but little HM Oricon experience. My commando has been through and cleared HM Fortress several times, but only through Raptus (multiple times) on Palace. If TFO has room and is in need of some extra toons, lemme know!

Pub side: Chel'naka, Lideana, Kaylán (alt-0225), Aur'um
Imp side: Xaemus, Catae'gis