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sending my crew on archaeology missions is not an option. I think it is bad enough that I have to for treasure hunting because there isnt a way to go out and gather it. when I started playing and saw this was a thing and I had to pay ingame currency for it I was like "*** is this". I thought it was a joke to fool the noobs. I dont mind going out to farm materials. it is relaxing for me and I enjoy it. but making the gathering nodes scarce and produce so little is frustrating and idiotic. I want to know where the best place to farm certain materials fast. not find outdated locations posted 1 1/2 to 2 years ago. makes me want to quit.
Some will disagree with me, but IMO this game is not built around farming materials. It is built around running missions and nodes are just a nice bonus. You do not like it, that's your prerogative.

I will admit that archeology is at a disadvantage versus Scavenging and Bioanalysis for a couple of reasons:

- no mobs to kill to gather from
- the missions and nodes yield three classes of materials (power crystals, artifact fragments, and color crystals) and there are frequently two or three specific materials within those classes (color crystals always has three, power crystals and artifact fragments have one or two depending the grade/level)

If you are looking for Prehistoric artifact fragment specifically and you really want to farm go to Tattooine or Alderaan. I am afraid I cannot get more specific than that.

Better yet, send companions on missions and do dailies while you wait to cover the mission costs).
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