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03.22.2014 , 10:37 AM | #68
I know this is an old thread but it came up in my search for the "Skaross Fortification Mastery" achievement because I could not get "Destroy the Republic Command" to complete. The information in this thread wasn't helpful so I did the mission with one objective and that was to destroy the Republic command any way that I could. I was able to complete this achievement by:
#1: disable the shield generators on the frigates (once you kill one, you get a bonus to get the other 3)
#2: disable the command module on the large republic fleet (it's the largest republic ship that you will fly by, look on top and you'll see a "fin" type thing and you will need to use your torpedo on it, it's on the very top of the largest ship, i think it's called the capital ship bridge). Once I had accomplished these 2 tasks, I received the Mastery achievement.