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Not just korriban, but is it me or stuff like the inquisitor story as been tottaly shafted ? i mean during the last episode on TCW not only we already knew from the previous episode that to become a force ghost you must do some mambo jambo ritual, but in moroband / korriban the sith taunt yoda by telling him that after death theres nothing, like thats a sith creed, if thats the case it tottaly screws alot of the stuff we see in kotor, even in the jedi knight story we talk with ghosts, weird that disney / lucas craps on the lore of KOTOR yet they picture moroband like a clone of the games korriban, tombs included.
Someone else said something along similar lines but its not that simple, allow me to quote myself:

Its been long since established that the knowledge of how to become one with the Force was lost by the Jedi over the years. The Jedi of this era merely believed the ability to be a legend. So no, no retcons there.

Concerning the Sith take on it, that is far more complex. Sith cannot become Force ghosts as Jedi can because they resist the process. In order to become a Force ghost you have to accept your death, and by doing so you retain your consciousness and can interact with the living if you know how. Sith however cling to life, by anchoring themselves to the place where they died, and so they are slowly torn apart as the Force drags them into the Cosmic Force.

So what the spirits say makes a degree of sense. To them a Force ghost is just a residual part of your essence clinging to life, and when you finally let go, you are totally destroyed. They don't see it as another way of existing.

Nonetheless each Sith is different in his set of beliefs. Plagueis for example dismissed the existence of Force Ghosts as something non-supernatural, he perceived it as a persistence of the physical mind in the Force once the body has been destroyed - so in a sense he believed such entities existed in the physical world, they are merely not fully dead.

Altogether its all wrapped up in how you define physical and metaphysical. Does the Netherworld of the Force exist? Or are Force ghosts just Force Users who aren't quite dead yet? And is there really a difference?

On top of that Leland Chee, the Keeper of the Holocron, has confirmed that Moraband is just another name for Koriban which has been repeated on this thread several times if you cared to read it. Its the same planet.