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Quote: Originally Posted by Millardkillmoore View Post
I see this all the time with augments. The going rate will be 95k+ and somebody will post two dozen for 82k each.
Don't get me started on the item selling within a band of say 95-100 for weeks, with people undercutting by a credit to a couple hundred credits, only to have someone come along and undercut by like 5-10K. Even better when someone else comes along and undercuts the first one by another 5-10K.

Augments at 101, 100.99, 100.98, 100.50, 99.99, 90, 80, 78

I just check another item and let the idiots undercut each other, which interestingly enough, sometimes means selling other stat augment using the exact same mats created using the exact same crew skill for 95k+.