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Despite being labled in the cartel Market. This expands more than just the cosmetic frilly features.

Guild Base Docking Room Zone similar to the G.S.F. Hanger on Fleet?
Ability to fly the whole flagship to X planet.
The Ship Bridge
Guild Hall
Escape Pod Room (instant eject to X located Planet or Guild Flagship Fleet doc area?
Guild Banks.
Guild quarters. (into which can be customized by invidiual room owners?) (Players able to control the doors locking in and out Always clickable chairs, couches, and beds)
G.S.F. Deck. (which will also have doors to class ships)
Trophy Room (Area in which we can display Operation Trophies/decorations)
PVP and Operations quest terminals.
Warzone Room. Built test room with wz dummies to Bolster included mechanics and WZ mechanics. testing spot on huttball passing, capping nodes replicas to try defense scenarios, grapple hooks. activateable firetraps/acidtraps to work on Defensive Cooldown timing etc.
Ship NPC Guards (which can be upgraded cosmetically)
Guild Officer Room(war council). (be phase locked to a toggle of a guild rank option stat which enables them room access)

Customizable Officer Room type. I.E. Jedi, Sith, Mando/Smuggler, Imp/Pub Basic
Cantina Room/Social Room
Jedi/Sith meditation rooom
Ability to Rename your Guild Flagship (Requires Guild Master Rank)
Guild Customizable Banners
Guilld Customizable Sigils (like guild tabards in wow)
Custom set of Republic/Imperial Soldier gear that will retain your guild emblem.
Engine Room/Hyperdrive area
Armory Room
Guild Banner Toy. Plant a banner of your Guild.
Guild Red Alert System. Entire flagship flashing red lights as an emergency.
Inquisition/Interrogation Room(Empire) Investigation/Interrorgation Room (Republic)
Holding Cells.

Teleport to Guild Flagship
Player Banks (in player quarters of flagship)
Upgrade NPC tiers of guards
NPC Guard types. (Stealth operatives, soldiers, sith, jedi, mercenaries, Mandalorians)

Slightly Wall of Crazy Possibilities
Guild Plaque for X players in Guild for doing X objective.
GUILD CALENDAR SYSTEM. With a clicky Interface.
Summon Guild Member to Flagship. Officer and up only Ability.


Crafting Quarters. NPC Trainer Crew(has to be individually unlocked with a guild member at 450 of X proffession to unlock them and X credits)
In the Crafting Quarters is the Crafting Bonus Perk. Any mission/carfting started while in the Quarters has a increased chance at raising the skill level of your profession or chance to crit.

Feel Free to add on