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1) As noted, the behavior is apparently working as designed, you simply do not like the system

2) Technically, logging out and back in just to reset the list is exploiting the system. As psandak noted, not too many people do it, and it does not appear to be disrupting the economy. But there people (like me) who believe that if BW makes any changes, it should be to restrict conditions under which the missions reset, not make it easier.

3) The system is not particularly fun, but it isn't time consuming, especially if you don't make it take longer by artificially resetting the list.

Assuming you have one crafting skill, you should have two skills available for running missions; each of those skills has 7 tiers; and each tier should show five missions. That's 2*7*5 = 70 missions available. It should be a very rare occasion to not find five decent [profitable] missions out of that 70. If you are having a hard time, you are doing something wrong, so you probably post here with more specifics if you want help.

But the best solution (for the game) to your problem is *not* just making it easier to get only the most desirable missions.
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