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Lastly, I think the bigger problem is the massive credits disparity between abundant, bountiful, and rich missions; bountiful missions cost twice as much per unit as Rich, where abundant is only a few credits difference. This makes no sense. If Bountiful missions were more linear in their cost structure more players would be willing to run them and relogging would not appear to be as necessary.
Another thing which I think is an unfortunate design choice in the 2.0 crafting system was to restrict crits to the Rich and Bountiful missions.

There really is no point in ever running Defenseless or Insider, as Unsliceable and Watching return both the blue and (on crit) purple mats.

So long as the crit chance and/or drop amount were adjusted (so as not to affect overall material availability), I'd much prefer any mission have a chance to crit. As it stands, there are too many missions that serve no purpose other than to get in your way.