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I pose this question: in all MMOs you have ever played has gathering materials for crafting EVER been "fun"? I'll grant that "fun" means different things to different people, but in my experience materials acquisition has always been a "necessary evil," occasionally relaxing, but rarely "fun."

I'll also grant that not getting the one mission you want can be frustrating, but I do not have that problem. Why? Because I live by the mindset of, "anything I can get, I will eventually use:"
  • So what if the UT Rich metals mission "Secret Recipe" is not available, I'll just run a grade 6 Rich companion gift mission because I always have an alt that will need them eventually
  • So what if Unsliceable? is not up, Credit Drain is and I am always looking for discovered missions
  • So what if neither Rich Slicing mission is up, my scavenging choices are a perfect distribution: both rich, both abundant, and the tricopper flux mission
  • So secret recipe is not up, but I just sold out of Agile Mods, I'll make some more
  • So none of my gathering or mission skill missions are particularly appealing, let's use some of the stock I have and get ahead of finished good demand for once
The list goes on and on and on and on and on . The point is that with three crew skills, without doing the relog dance there is usually more than enough for five companions to do.

Futhermore from a lore/universe perspective it can be argued that having the different missions is an indication of how available those materials are in that moment in time. This mechanism is in place to counter to game system mechanics that all materials are in infinite supply (all it takes is time and/or credits).

So, a compromise:
  • instead of a refresh button just list all available missions (effectively does the same thing: gives the player the mission(s) he/she wants).
  • the more you run a single given mission the longer it takes to complete each time (i.e. a cumulative 10% increase)
  • the system will reset if you permit a "cooldown" to expire

Example: Unsliceable? takes 1h 20mins (80mins) to complete
1st run: 80mins
2nd run: 88mins
3rd run: 96.8mins
4th run:106.5mins
5th run:117.1mins
6th run:128.8mins
7th run: 141.7mins
8th run: 155.9mins
9th run: 171.5mins
But if you choose not to run Unsliceable for 1.5hrs (90mins), it resets to 1.333hrs (80 mins). This means that after a certain number of runs with a specific mission it pays to not run it for a while.

This continues the "simulation" of hard to get materials, but you are still acquiring them at the most credits cost effective manner.

Lastly, I think the bigger problem is the massive credits disparity between abundant, bountiful, and rich missions; bountiful missions cost twice as much per unit as Rich, where abundant is only a few credits difference. This makes no sense. If Bountiful missions were more linear in their cost structure more players would be willing to run them and relogging would not appear to be as necessary.