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The flaw in the design you suggest is:
  1. If one player has the ability to easily refresh mission lists then EVERY player has that ability. (Yes every player has it now with relog but you'd probably be surprised how few actually take advantage of it)
  2. The reason one wants an easier way to refresh is is to take advantage of a low supply market.
  3. The supply is low because most players don't refresh. (as I just said, you'd be surprised how few do the relog dance).
  4. If everyone has the ability to refresh then supply increases
  5. having the ability to refresh mission lists kills the market one is hoping to take advantage of
Gathering raw materials requires neither skill nor challenge. What it does require though is credits and time. The current mechanism is perceived as both boring and frustrating, neither is appealing to a gamer. So, by extension, neither is beneficial to the SWTOR community as a whole. Gathering and Mission Skills are a credit sink, where players turn in-game currency into in-game materials. Having the current mechanism where road blocks are in place, be they intentional or unintentional, are frustrating and in no way fun. For gathering, a player can choose to go into the wild and gather nodes. This option is not available for the material rewards from Mission skills.

Add a refresh button, or a filter or 12. If this makes the gathering of materials easier, what's the down side? Raw material prices drop. Does the drop of raw material prices hurt more people then they help? I personally don't sell materials, I use them to make armour, mods, enhancements, barrels, hilts, implants, ear pieces for use on my alts or for my guild. I would argue that removing the frustration from gathering materials would only alienate the Raw Material Brokers, and not the content-hungry gamer in general. I would love to improve my gear every 3 levels, but the frustration associated with gathering the raw materials is prohibitively un-fun.

Furthermore, I could argue that making raw materials less frustrating to gather might shift perceived GTN value from Raw Materials and onto Finished Goods.
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