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Please, oh PLEASE, spend some time on the Gathering and Mission Skill window. Give it some of the Dev-Love that the GTN has received. It is so unbelievability tedious to acquire the desired materials. Jumping on and off my ship just to refresh the mission list is not a solid long-term solution.

If you don't want to spent the time to add all of the fancy filters right now, then please, almighty Devs PLEASE at least spend a day or two coding in a simple "REFRESH" button.

If I want Underworld Metals, please show me ONLY Underworld Metal Missions.
If I don't want to run "Moderate" Missions at all, please allow me to toggle them off.
Don't hold your breath, this has been a request since before launch, and has always fallen on deaf ears.

I personally think it is by design to take advantage of ignorant or lazy people who don't know or won't (or in some cases like being in the middle of an Operations) can't zone / relog to cycle the list.

And honestly, as botched as the 2.0 update was to crafting, I would be happy if they just went in and finished cleaning up the mess still left over like all the mis-labeled / coded / priced missions (Bountiful that aren't Bountiful, Bountiful that are really Rich, etc) as well as cleaned up Bio mats (Scavenging and Archy both have one type of each green material, BIo has three, such that I always have a stack of one I don't need while not having any of one I do).