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12.13.2011 , 03:25 PM | #24
I can see both main points for both sides.

The LFG tool is great for convience. There were many nights I did random PUGs after everyone else in the guild went to bed. I like running dungeons. I get my fill of the attitude people exude. But, ultimately, I still enjoy running dungeons in general.

The LFG tends to weaken group cohesion. This is mainly due to the attitude and lack of connection to the group mates. You will likely never see them again, so why invest more than the most absolute minimum. It matters less if you avoid every point of damage you possible can and to taunt every mod as best you can.

My suggestion would be to offer a LFG tool for conveience. But, to also offer some sort of bonus for making a premade group and actually walking up to the entrance to do the dungeon. I mean, gather 3 other players (not companions) and actually go there. Maybe you will get 10% more credits to drop or possible even a crafting doo-dad at the end.