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My point is if people are missing 60 in a row, someone must also be getting 10 in a row. Never happens.
I got five in a row two days ago, does that count

Another thread was started on this subject with the OP having a 1 for 26 bad luck streak (0 for 12, 1 success, then 0 for 13). As I was planning to level a crafting skill anyway, I decided to track my RE rate. You can view my data:

The first day, I got to 410 skill in armstech and had an RE rate of ~24% over 239 attempts, with a long streak of 14 failures on one item. Day two I got to the armstech skill to 450 but my RE rate was a lot worse: ~14% over 64 attempts with a 2 in 42 streak over four items and a single item streak of 1 in 25 (with the final attempt being a success). On day three I am still working on one schematic from day two (active streak of 0 in 16), but am slightly better overall than day two: ~16% over 38 attempts.

But in my overall RE rate is still above expected at 21.41%: 73 successes in 341 attempts. Mostly greens to blue, but some blue to purple.