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I saw this sentiment being posted last Friday but decided (okay, Musco told me ) to wait until the blog went out before sharing my thoughts on the "snipers on the pipe" (great band name btw).

The center of Quesh Pit is an apples to apples comparison to the center of the original Huttball. In the center of both maps are wide open areas with little in the means of LoS. Take the original Huttball for example, to LoS someone you'd have to leave the center area or play coy around the ball stand. There are no other LoS blockers in the area at all and in addition, snipers and other ranged classes usually choose to setup on the walkways around this center area to rain hot death upon anyone picking up the ball or otherwise in the center area. This is just like the center platform in Quesh although taken to the extreme and hectic because it is closer to the endzone.

<snipped a bit>

Please continue with the constructive comments and feedback on all things Quesh Huttball Pit!

Really the pipe sections should spin periodically dumping the players off. It would be a great spot while you're there but not a place you can just hang out.