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Hey folks!

I thought I might pop in and add some clarification around some of what we said, and why.

Our first goal in this post was quite simple, transparency. We completely understand the frustration around quite a few of our answers. We know that some folks want to see the return of Ranked 8v8 Warzones or that they feel cross-server queues will help in some of their current frustrations. I thought it was really important that we took those issues and gave you guys direct answers. It isn't that we don't want to do these things, or even that they will never happen. It is just that they are not something that will be happening in the near-term

When I talk about roadmaps specifically, you should keep in mind I am referring to the next X amount of months, weeks, etc. and it certainly does not mean forever. As someone pointed out, there are quite a few things that have moved from wall of crazy to being in the game.

We will always continue to add new content around PvP whenever possible and to continue to create the best PvP environment that we can. If you look back, in the past 3 Game Updates (including 2.7) we had:
  • The launch of Warzone Arenas
  • The ability to solo queue for ranked play
  • Season 1 rewards
  • 4 new Warzone Arena maps
  • A new Huttball map
I know that this is not everything that everyone wants. To reiterate, we aren't saying "no" to your questions, we are simply just saying "not at this time." I know it may not seem that way, but these two things are different. I know many of your are frustrated and I hope this adds a little bit of clarity to where we are coming from.

Lmao.. So many people Unsubbed that they're now saying.. "Ohh, we're not saying it'll never happen.. We're just saying, not right now."
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