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03.20.2014 , 12:42 PM | #102
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The obvious point of this post is to deflect the negative comments they expect to get during the live stream.
Brilliant PR move to be honest. Now they dont have to answer any of these questions while they are streaming, they can just refer to this post, which will probably be referred to as "a comprehensive FAQ about the future of PVP in SWTOR." Which creates the illusion that there is a future for PVP in SWTOR.

As far as community management goes, Eric gets an A+

As for the answers provided by the devs... still not sure if its incompetence or just not caring about the PVP community.
Well, what is there left to ask? "We know server populations are low to not allow any level of match rating in ranked and we do not plan to do anything about it." The only thing else I would ask for is what it the expected content for PvP after 2.7.