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Will we ever be able to choose a specific Warzone to queue for?

From the design side, we do like the idea of allowing our players to be able to impact which Warzone they want to queue for, but it is not as simple as letting everyone select which Warzone they want and call it a day. Because of a few reasons (queue population, preventing ‘de facto’ best Warzone, making sure all Warzones are being played, etc.) it would require a fully-fledged design around that new queuing system in order to make sure the system was sustainable (in queue times, etc.). There are no current plans for the near future to implement this feature.
Thanks for finally admitting that the population for pvpers is as good as dead.

Have you considered implementing a Huttball League?

We have certainly seen a lot of suggestions around the creation of a Huttball League for sure! Implementing a Huttball League has a special place on our Wall of Crazy but it is not in our current roadmap.
Sigh ok, I can unsub with *put different pvp focused mmo here* release then.

Why is Bolster in Ranked PvP? Why not just require a high level of PvP gear?

This is a great question, and one we put a lot of thought into when the decision made to keep Bolster in Ranked PvP. As many of you likely know, in the past we had an entry level set of PvP gear called the Recruit set. Wearing this set into a Warzone would put you at an “entry level” for PvP. However, having Recruit gear in the game created two important factors:

1. The player needed to know that this is how PvP at max level worked.
2. The player needed to then get the gear and actually equip it.
Equip PVP gear? Wouldn't have guessed... troll aside I think the tutorials are great and there can be practice brackets or a tutorial like in GSF right?

Will you be implementing Cross-server queuing?

We have no plans at this time to implement cross-server queues.
That's about the point where I have stopped reading, thanks for the FAQ, I know what I can expect for my Sub now, nothing PVP, dead rankeds... very disappointing.
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