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Nice to see some attention for PvP but as others have pointed it's a lot of no's and not really too much to look forward too. Could we maybe see a follow up post with some good news? Is there anything in the works for PvP? A lot of us in the PvP community are grasping at straws here, Eric. A friend of mine recently quit because he saw no reason in progressing in this game anymore, I have to say I can't blame him.

There is no rewards for WZ's outside of gear and a random smattering of a few mounts and a pet or two. There is no PvP rep system, no rivalry system, the ranked rewards to put bluntly are a joke outside of the Rancor (a gear set that can be replicated with the existing gear and a pink/purple dye pack is not a unique reward). I still have a lot of fun PvPing in this game but it does sort of feel like there isn't much to look forward too. I enjoy the world PvP in the events but the "PvP" quests in the Gree event are PvE quests in a PvP area.

I guess to sum it up, at least in my opinion, as a member of the PvP community I don't feel like there is much in the way of dev attention being spent on PvP. We get a few posts every now and then and have almost no unique aspects of them game tied to PvP. Anything a PvP player can get a PvE player can get and then some.

EDIT: Also please sticky this post Eric so it can stay here and not get swept away by nerf posts and then I have to dig it up when all the arm chair developers come out and say how easy it would be to implement cross server. Really the only good thing to come out of this is now I have somewhere to point to when tell people to stop crying about X-server.
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