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03.20.2014 , 09:30 AM | #11
I kinda wish I hadn't looked at this thread .
-The reason bolster remains is ranked is just ridiculous.If somebody is starting the game and hasn't got a clue on gearing,NOBODY wants them in ranked arenas,its just handicapping their team.
-No plans to bring back 8v8 ranked,which was the best pvp in this game imo,arenas are fun but get boring
-No plans for crosserver queueing=group arenas will die out in season 2,atm on tofn(The main pvp server eu) on a good night there are a max of 5-6 teams queueing.On a good night.Nobody wants to face the same players everybody especially if there is a big skill difference between teams.
This is very...disheartening.Sad times for pvp are a'comin!