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03.20.2014 , 08:44 AM | #1
Is there something I missed or is crafting just rubbish. With the creds I get by gathering and doing missions I get the value of a scingle crafted item from the GTN. And I do not have to craft 20 green, 20 blue and 1 purple one to get the right result combination. So. I get the item I want + creds for the not-wasted mats + creds for the not-leveled skill + the creds for the missions I did while other crafted stuff. I could even get Consumables frmo the market if I wanted to!

Is there anything, except the "for the lulz" I have missed? (Don't get me wrong, almost all my character have a crafting profession. I only realized this on my attempt of a Jedi, who soon was richer than my 55. Due to selling rather worthless mats on then GTN. And NOT using them.