Thread: [Slicing] Price of Thermal Regulators
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03.20.2014 , 06:55 AM | #5
It has plummeted before Tuesday IMHO.

I first noticed this around last Wednesday or Thursday, since I have seven characters running these missions and I was able to sold four Thermal Regulators EACH time around for 81k or so. They would go up for one day at most.

All of the sudden, I start to notice that the stuff I had on the GTN was expiring, only to notice what you just stated: The price for Thermal Regulators had plummeted in a rather drastic fashion.

Ever since, I just have five or six characters doing the No Trace Left daily on the BH, Empire side. It's not as profitable but it still yields a moderate credit boost daily. No more checking on those characters twice a day, hoping for them to have gone critical on Slicing.

This kinda reminded me of how Diplomacy mats plummeted shortly after 2.0 hit. Such a sweet profit I got back then from the skill.