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The enhanced Vrrbllrltghttrbbv (even its name is annoying) on Czerka core flashpoint.

I have a jugg tank so the knoback + stun, knoback + stun, knoback + stun, knoback + stun, knoback + stun every 10 seconds is extremely aggravating.... (it's supposed to be PvE, not PvP )
On my Jugg tank I discovered how to use his knockback to move me to the next pod so I could refresh the weaken effect on him. It made him less annoying.

I never ever do the level 55 tactical flashpoint daily. I have limited time available on weekday evenings, and it can't be wasted with the possibility of doing a worthless KDY run. I can do a HM 55 FP in about the same amount of time and get better companion gear and commendations out of it.