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oh lord, yes. I hate tanking it on my jugg when another group member doesn't run ahead so that I could intercede to them (which happens majority of the time) edited to add... hmm... having seen comments above, maybe I should go over my spec again.

at least the spore boss i can cheese by hanging out on a rock by the entrance. sure, he takes longer to kill, since you can only weaken him half the time, but at least you are not bouncing all over the room.

that said, I find all the bosses in KDY annoying. not hard. annoying. especially as a force user. becasue at least with other characters, even if I cannot really go through a normal rotation, at least I can dot and basic shot them while I'm running away from circles.
Actually, once those gennies go active, there is a target-able friendly frame on top of it, which you can use to intercede if nobody runs over for ya.

Just a head's up, can be tricky to see and target it at first, but it's there.