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I try to quit every huttball match, unless I have some friends on the same team. If I am doing pvp outside of the daily/weekly i'll quit matches when people are just ************ at each other and not listening. I mean who cares if someone rage quits? If the enemy has all three nodes and a full 8 players can't do anything, I doubt losing one would have made a difference.

Ranked Quitting is another issue...
personally, I love huttball. It's unique in that it isn't necessarily about killing, but controlling. You kill tons of toons and they respawn basically at their own goalline, thus, it can make it difficult to score.

Granted, other wz', meaning 8v8, can be won this way, as long as you can control the nodes or the pylons, but mainly those are about killing players. It adds a nice mix to the pvp battles, IMO.

I would point out though, in regards to your other point, some people need to be *****ed at. If you get into a 55, even unranked, you should at least understand the wz. You should understand that 5 people rushing the pylon at the beginning of the match and all 5 rushing to click the pylon, and then don't understand how one lone assassin keeps them from capping for a minute.

I would also suggest, that anytime someone tries to give advice and then they rage about said advice, those rage quitters need to chill and learn. The easiest way to get better at pvp, at least in the way that SWTOR pvp is, is to learn how to play your warzones. Understanding calls, understanding strat is easily half the battle.

I would also add that people shouldn't get upset about pre-mades. Easiest way is to make yourself available for one by asking about them in pvp channel, and then proving your worth. Get into Teamspeak channels, get to know people, and learn from people that are better than you. Watch and learn how those pillar hopping operatives stay alive vs 3 people trying to attack them while they wait for reinforcements.

Pre-mades aren't the problem, they are the solution. For example, why go into a basketball game with 5 centers and no point guard if you don't have too. How about 11 offensive lineman with no qb, or 11 rb's with no line. Not too much different than queueing randomly because you can get stuck without a heal or a tank. Is that a BioWare issue, maybe yes, maybe no. But the thing that is sure is that you have the ability to control that, and if you have that ability, why aren't you doing that?