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This might be of some use: Chat Commands

If for some reason the link does not work, or you don't want to click it; I'll paste the main commands on here:

1.) /pvp Speak in PvP chat

2.) /say Switches outgoing chat to Say, only players in local vicinity can hear you

3.) /yell Yells in chat, displayed in red text. This can be heard in a large area. Cross-faction

4.) /general Speak in General chat, this can be heard throughout the entire planet/flashpoint/instance (the default chat)

5.) /guild Chat only to your guild

6.) /tell Sends a /tell to another player (alternate form of /t)

7.) /create [channelname] [password] Create a Channel and an optional password

8.) /trade Speak in Trade chat

9.) /group Speak in group chat

Hope this helps!
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