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- Don't try to level up a crafting skill. They can cost you millions.

- Take some gathering skills (archeology, bioanalysis, scavenging, slicing) or some mission skills (diplomacy, underworld trading, investigation, treasure hunting), or a combination, and sell on the GTN the materials you gather.

- Don't spend on crap; get the cheapest speeder from the GTN, and otherwise be frugal with your purchases. You only need to upgrade your equipment to match your level every 5 level or so, and you only need to get armors for yourself and the companion you use the most.

- Use the gear that you get from quests, and use the planet coins to buy mods for your gear instead of using credits or cartel money. Use commendations that you get from PVP, etc. to buy gear, try to avoid using credits to buy gear. Not always possible, but the game does give you a ton of various commendations and armor pieces as rewards.

- Buy cartel coins with real money, then buy the cartel packs that are on sale with a discount, and sell them on the GTN for credits. This costs you real money, but a lot of people think in terms of "1 hr at work = salary = this many cartel coins = this many credits" compared to "1 hr in game doing quests or PVP or whatever = a lot fewer credits"