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Bioware kind of set themselves up to fail with the story quests. It was insanely ambitious of them to attempt (and succeed) 8 completely different story lines. Now that the purse strings are essentially cut, and the game is being propped up on a relatively small sub base and cash shop. No shareholder company would ever allow for another massive expenditure of money for a seemingly small gain. Plus a lot of the stories come to a complete end so it is almost like they planned on this in the first place.

I was out of the game for over a year and recently came back to try the new content. To be honest the story arcs are what set this game apart from all the other mmos out there. So once I finally finish my last three 1-50 characters I will probably call it quits. In a F2P game I never expect major expansions only small content patches to keep money trickling in.
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