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03.19.2014 , 12:22 AM | #1
yes that's right I have a racist appeal to plea to you guys

I personally do not have any care in the world for racism ALONG with anything else like that discrimination is nothing to me I don't see how words such as N*&%$ can really cause an impact on someone all you need to do is stop thinking about how it hurts any black person and realize it's just an old cowboy word and you should give to rancor droppings about it! but anyway back to the busy bee's!

Jedi Knight / Consular starting area pictures this right young pedawons have been kidnapped and caged!
so you go save them right? but that 'them' because a 'THEM' because every single pedawon in the cages is a little black boy. no white's (yes I speak bluntly when I'm being mature) no twi'leks no other races just little black boys in cages.

change it up abit yeah?