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I would play a consular,because any Force User story is a big yes for me as long as it is set the Old Republic time and done by Bioware, but he is still the only class that i haven't started properly, for the following reasons:

I always play male, and i just can't stand the male consular's voice and manner of speaking.It makes me wanna destroy the screen.It makes want to torture puppies and eat babies.

He is just absolutely 100% tunnel visioned to be goody two shoes and gay(excuse the slang) and goofy.I am not talking about the story, i am strictly talking about the character himself.He gives me very,very bad vibes and i just can't stand him.I don't think i have ever hated a playable character so much in all my much as i hate the male consular.

For now i will just save this class for when i get completely tired of all other classes,bordering on quitting the game(still haven't 2 years and counting),for a new refreshing experience with a female consular.
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this is the male consular.