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03.18.2014 , 10:20 PM | #1
Hi there, finally resorting to CS or a bored community member because I have no idea what is causing my issue. I am using a brand new computer running in this partition windows 8 (only because I cant get swtor to run well in Ubuntu ;p) that has run the game fine for a few days now, everything was smooth. After the patch today, maintenance or whatever I can't login. What happens is when the launcher starts I enter my credentials and when I click login nothing happens, it also clears the password field. I believe my issue has to do with the patch, because earlier I was getting an error after watching the cog spin for a few minutes saying it could not connect to the patch, or something relative. However I am not getting this specific error anymore after playing around with various troubleshooting. Not sure but I looked at the connection settings in my LAN options in the browser and for some reason proxy was enabled; anyway that error doesnt show now. Yet the issue logging in persists.

I did try a few things here and there like flushing the cache/dns, used the setup link offered here and a launcherfix utility link which didnt even work. I am also sadly without the fixlauncher exe that is supposed to be in my directory. The setup link files did not give me this. Also what is very strange is I can't even 'X' out or minimize the launcher window, which leads me to ponder if this is a GUI malfunction or a multiple window issue, as a while ago I had the famous 'only one instance' error after saving the Setup files, which I solved via task manager.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Also I found some log .txt stuff that may help in a diagnostic. Posting Tuesday's log as it is about midnight here on the east coast and the information should be fairly identical.