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I am male.

I have 8 level 55s, 6 male, 2 female,

My male toons have one set of armour and only one, but with my female toons I finds myself thinking, 'Ooh, that armour set looks lovely, I'll keep that in my cargo hold'.

In my head.

In a girly voice.

My 2 female toons now have somewhat extensive wardrobes in their ships. ***? Why do I start thinking like a girl just because my toon is a girl ??? What do the psychologists call this?
for starters you'll never "think like a girl" if you aren't one. If you mean have thoughts that are commonly accepted as feminine, then yes, you possibly do have a degree of subconscious curiosity. Up to you weather or not you wanna accept it or not. Not a big deal. A lot of guys do but are afraid to "go there"...but RPGs are an acceptable venue to explore such desires IMO..
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