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03.18.2014 , 03:58 PM | #15
Customer Service promised to have fixed this back in September 2013 but it appears they did not.

They used the worse but torrent program ever created. It uses up most of your memory (no matter how much memory you have).

It's a horrible system they set up. Instead of using their own bandwidth to upload patches they rely on 3rd party peer to peer software so we use each other bandwidths.

The thing is, most MMOs uses their own bandwidths or have a better system to download patches, etc.

SWTOR reasoning is "since this is a free game we wont spend extra money using our bandwidth so that people can download faster."

The thing is, many of us are paid subscribers.

And the sad thing is, the devs will still ask you to post diagx reports, etc even when they KNOW it's on their end. As I said, they promised to fixed this (Brohn did) but it appears they were lying about that.

Thinking about just getting rid of this crappy game again.