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But only the first three are really worth making: Might, Resolve, and Redoubt (you might find someone who wants an Alacrity every now and again, but don't count on it; and I have never seen anyone who wanted Command Augments). The best available grade is 28.
Actually, I gather there is a market for Alacrity augments. I've seen a few threads on the forums mentioning Alacrity as being useful for healers, if no one else. I can't speak to how widespread that view is, and like you I certainly wouldn't recommend Alacrity augments, but I did manage to sell ten of the purple 28s a couple weeks back without significant delay, and at a 105k price.

Of course, I made them purely by accident (clicked through ten of them while thinking I was making Might Augments for an alt, then didn't notice it until hours later, when they were already made) and wouldn't do it again, but I'm guessing they're not a completely lost cause.
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