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Fozzie: waka waka, waka waka!! Here I am folks fozzie bear here to tell your jokes folks old and rare!!! waka waka!!
SO!!! there was this Sith lord who was so fat.....

Baras: (angrily with his lightsaber activated): how fat was he!?!

Fozzie: um he was so fat that everybody loved him and there wasn't anything funny about him at all.....

Baras: (calming down): yeah that's what I thought

The Sith Warrior: (from the shadows mimicking Fozzie's voice): yep nothing funny about you.....EXCEPT YOU THAT FAT BLOB OF A FACE OF YOURS!!!!! (runs and hides)

Baras (angrily): WHAT!!!!

Fozzie (panicking): NO WAIT!!! (Fozzie gets electrocuted.....don't worry folks he is still alive just very badly injured)
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