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I've said it EVERY time this request has come up: what's good for the individual is not necessarily good for the community. Follow the logic:
  1. If one player has the ability to trade in lower materials for higher EVERY player has that ability.
  2. The reason one wants this is to take advantage of a low supply market.
  3. The supply is low because most players cannot run missions 24/7 and the crit rate is relatively low.
  4. If everyone has the ability to trade in then supply increases
  5. having the ability kills the market one is hoping to take advantage of

I keep going back to it because it is the perfect example: Frost Lotus in WoW WotLK.
  1. Rare drop, supply low, high demand, translated to very value high.
  2. Players SCREAMED on the forums for an increase in drop rate and/or a way to trade less valuable items for Frost Lotus.
  3. A year later, Blizzard gave the players what they wanted: an increase in drop rate of 50% (5% chance to 7.5%) and a vendor where one can trade in Frozen orbs (in SWTOR terms, Biometric Crystal Alloy) for Frost Lotus (and several other items).
  4. Almost overnight the value of Frost Lotus dropped 80% (from 100 gold to 20 gold); at its all time low, one could get a Frost Lotus for as little as 5 gold
  5. and the crafted items (Flasks: AKA Prototype Stims) that used Frost Lotus also radically dropped in value; sellers became dependent on crits for modest profits.

Is that what you really want to happen to TRs?

Besides they are definitely not useless - crafting augment slot kits and blue quality augments. have you ever tried selling blue quality augments...HIGHER profit margin than purple
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