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I consider myself a Revan fan. Easily my favorite Star Wars character. HOWEVER i do agree to a certain extent of what is being said here.

They should wrap up the storyline because IMO, it's been over 10 years (i think) since Revan first turned up in KotOR. I love that game to death, i still play it from time to time.

I think they should kill Revan off, and turn him into a martyr or sorts where pretty much everyone can level and come to some agreement for what he did and who he was.

If i had my druthers, i want BW to put out Revan's death as follows:

Game update titled "The Revanchist's Fall" and have an updated class story line (kind of like RotHC on Makeb), where the whole goal of the update is to finally kill Revan in one final clash between the powers. As people have stated, they could play this off where BOTH FACTIONS are after him by having Revan fall back to the dark side, still hell bent on destroying the empire, and the Republic trying to stop his genocide. (Please comment or speculate, i'm just throwing out ideas). And the storyline ends in Revan going out with a bang, and ACTUALLY dying.

tl;dr? Extended story line for all classes that ends up in your character killing Revan.

Revan is too good to die in a group Flashpoint... come on, we are more classy than that.
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