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ib4t "your sample size is not big enough".

There's a huge thread on this. It's obviously a bug. Neither the community nor the dev team will acknowledge.
I hate to say it, but yes. It is a small sample. And even when it was bugged/stealth nerfed, we cannot reasonably say so with only few cases

Similar case with crits on crew missions.
Since 2.4, I've been keeping track of the results of the "Unsliceable?" mission, using four +2 slicing companions and two others without bonus.

My "first" 550 missions or so (from 2.4 to 2.5 ) were giving me a crit rate of almost 24% (for companions, at 10k affection, that mission crit chance is, theoretically, 20%). Then, ouch, the next 350 missions ( from 2.5 to 2.6) that crit rate dropped to 18%.... That was certainly frustrating....
But now, with almost 1100 missions, if I consider the overall crit rate since I started, I have 21, 87% crit rate. Considering those 1100 missions were evenly ran by four companions at 22 %chance and two at 20%, I'd say I'm getting pretty much what I'm supposed to get in terms of crits....

The sample size is very important and 60 is definitely not big enough....