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Proc rate for reverse engineering not 20 percent.

Less than 1 hour ago crafted...
5 aim lvl 15 armorings
5 cunning lvl 15 armorings
5 willpower lvl 15 armorings
5 strength lvl 15 armorings

Got ...

8, 7, 6, and 5 with crits...

RE the 7, no proc
RE the 6, proc on number 6
RE the 5, no proc
RE the 8, no proc

That's 1 proc in 26. The math on that comes to 3.8 percent....a far far cry from 20.

I'm not asking for extra procs on crafting. I'm not looking to get rich quick on the GTN by upping the crit rate on crafting. Everything is fine as is for MAKING items. But for RE you obviously intended 20 percent. 3.8 percent is not 20 percent. It's the difference between RE'ing something 5 times, or 26.3 times.

On RE number 5 the crafting mat should proc. That's 20 percent. That's what you advertise. Please fix.
So basically you had one 0 for 12 streak and one 0 for 13 streak with a single success in between. The chance of 12 consecutive failures is (80%^12 or) 6.872%, better than 1 in 20. The chance of 13 failures is (80%^13 or) 5.498%, still better than 1 in 20. Neither is beyond the realm of probability.

I did a run of 1500 back in October when that long thread was started, and my results were about 18%, well within a reasonable margin of error for even my small sample.
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