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While I skipped over it in my sarcastic review of my beloved whiskey TZ-24 build, I actually think evasion is overrated on the Type 1 Strikes, but the other crew defensives are so balls it doesn't really matter.

Here's the argument against evasion on the T1 Strike: Broadly, evasion is only really baller at high levels. If you have a 95% chance to be missed, adding 5% evasion takes you from mortal to immortal. Here's more reasonable numbers though:

If you have a 100% chance to be hit, 10% of miss means you are able to tank a little bit more incoming damage- if it took 2000 damage to kill you before, now it will take 2222 damage to kill you, on average. This is an increase of about 11%. If you have that rate of 10% and you gain another 10% evasion for a 20% total, now you need 2500 to kill you- 25% more than base, and a 12.5% increase in survivability over your 10%. Add another 10, and now you need 2875 to kill you- 43% more than base, and a 15% increase over the 20% mark.

It just keeps going up like that. Every point of evasion is worth more and more. This means that anything that can stack evasion gets a lot of benefit from it. 30% evasion is not "20% better" than 10% evasion, it's a 29% increase in survivability. So if you LACK an armor component, as the Type 1 Strike (and the Type 2 Gunship) does, you are missing out on a whole lot more than 9% survival. In fact, the only evasion available to you is the 5% from the crew member. Now, evasion isn't as simple as this- if I have you under my sites at 3000m with heavy laser, your 5% evasion will leave me with 101% chance to hit you- it is worthless (as would be the 9% damage reduction, but both shield options would be helpy). If you had 14% evasion instead, the 92% hit chance would leave you with an 8.6% increase in evasion- hard to justify, but not trash.

Now normally you say "screw it, it's worth it to dodge a railgun". But the railgun accuracy at 7k is 109% with slug, and you have to be well off center before there's a tracking penalty at all. Past 7500 meters it's 104%- is a 1% chance to dodge the slug or ion worth it? Probably not.

So without either distortion field or at the very least the hull component, I do not believe that the 5% evasion adds up to as much when it comes to the REAL reasons you stack evasion. It still helps if you are off center- if someone has big tracking penalty because you are at the edge, and their chance to hit you is only 60%, that 5% boost is a 9% survival increase.

The thing is, Stasie recommends the 5% evasion and the 10% shield power pool. The 10% shield power pool is worth 180 shield. Given you have 1450 hull, and ignoring the 5% hull DR at the moment, and assuming large reactor (+360 shield) that means that you've increased your survivability up to 2520+1450=3970, and 3970-180=3790, you've increased your time to be killed by a mere 4.7%. And 15% shield regeneration will hardly ever matter either unless you have quick charge or something else that really helps with it, and it doesn't exactly win by miles there either. This leaves 9% damage reduction. Against, say, quads, an enemy will need to hit you for 2520 to blow up your shield arc, then an additional 1526 to kill you- 4046 damage. If you have 9% extra damage reduction, that turns into 2520 shields and then 1686 to kill you- 4206. That's right about a 4% survival increase.

So here's your options:

Evasion: A 0% to 9% increase in survival, probably around 4% in general. Better during the 15% crewman evasion boost- then it's pretty much at least a 6% survival boost for the duration.
Shield Size: 10% shield is 180 shield. It doesn't stack multiplicatively with anything- all these values are off your base 1800 shield size, whether you have directional, quick charge, large reactor, turbo reactor. This companion special just gives you 180 shield on a strike fighter. This increases your survivability by nearly 5%, more if you actually regenerate shields (aka, not just burned down from full). But no one is telling you to drop this one!
Shield Regen: 13.5 regen per second when you haven't been attacked for 3 seconds, not even tied with 10% shield size after 10 seconds of not being attacked. There's no way this is more than a 1% increase in survival.
Damage reduction: 4% survival increase, way less if you are able to tank more than one giant burst to the face by escaping and returning with better shields. 0% versus burst laser cannon, heavy laser cannon, and slug railgun.

The T1 Strike is the only place you can really ignore the evasion special- but even here, with nothing to stack with it, it's still very good, because the lesser two abilities (shield regen rate and damage reduction) are just nard munchers full time.