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Human Male Jedi Knight- Cratoren. Long brown hair. White.
After the Second Galactic War. 35 years in the future. A Jedi named Jacen Reparka left the order, believing that it's morals have changed and the only way to find peace was to accept both light and dark.. To become a " grey" Jedi. He left for Alderaan and married the daughter of Theron Shan. The two lived in harmony, and Jacen became a great warrior, however he was old. And his wife...Danna Shan was pregnant. The two humans discovered she was carrying twins. After birth, the boy was named Cratoren, and the other boy was named Phalan.
The twin brothers were force sensitive, trained slightly by their father in the ways of the grey Jedi. But, when the twins were 2 years old, a unknown party of Sith villains invaded the house and kidnapped the two twins...killing Jacen and Danna. The sith escaped in their ship, however a Jedi patrol craft spotted the ship and fired at it. The ship shot out a escape pod to distract the Jedi while it blasted away into hyperspace. The Jedi recovered the escape pod to discover the youngest twin, Cratoren inside. Phalan was never seen again.
Cratoren was taken to the Jedi Temple on Tython to train, his power outmatched all of his class. He grew up under the supervision of Master Trevan Arcadia. The two bonded like father and son.
Cratoren reached the age of 12, he could not remember his childhood even when the Jedi healers tried to pry using the force. Cratoren began to develope a rebellious attitude, he lusted for adventure and battle. Wanting to put his prophesied powers to use. However, when he turned 14, his Master Trevan left the Jedi Order to create a third party faction that would seek to protect the Republic from sudden attacks or threats. Called the Crimson Order.
Cratoren followed his master, and one day Tython was attacked by a sudden Mandalorisn raid called the "Burning". Master Trevan was killed. And the new Crimson Order was left without a only consisted of a handful of teenagers and older troopers. The Crimson orders warriors were killed in the Burning. Cratoren at the age of 17 now decided to fulfill his Masters wishes and lead this team of justice bringers to fill the galaxy with peace. Not knowing what blood runs throughout his veins. He has been called the Chosen One, one that would bring balance to the force. But is he really?