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Hey everybody,

I'm new to the game, only a couple weeks in, and I'm in it for the story so I'm avoiding any and all spoilers. With that in mind, one thing I'm wondering is whether the class stories converge on some primary story arc for the world.

I'm playing my first character through the story, but I've started to wonder if the ending has some reveal that is the same for all classes. In other words, upon completion of the story for one class, is the end of the story ultimately the same for another class, even though the path to get to the ending may be different?

I'm asking because in the creation of alts, I'd like to not know the end of the story before I get there. Would it be better to play each alt up into Chapter 3, but not complete it so that the final "reveal" isn't hanging over me while I'm trying to work on another class?

I'm treating the game like something of a novel, highly interactive as it may be, and I'm hoping that there are basically 8 novels (1 for each class) with some side stories along the way, and the end-game offering more short story arcs, or other non-class specific "novels." If that makes sense.

Without giving any spoilers, can someone give me any advice?