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Because I've spent far too much of my time reading about Korriban...

There have been at least four major battles held at Korriban during the time of the resurgent Sith Empire.

The first, around 28 BTC, marked the Sith's return to the galaxy and the start of the Great Galactic War. It was here that the Sith revealed themselves and took their holy world back from the Republic.

The second, around 25 BTC, was a result of the Emperor's former apprentice Exal Kressh leaking military information to the Republic. The battle served as a distraction for Kressh to destroy the Sith Academy and the Emperor's works housed within. For his involvement in defeating the traitor, disgraced Sith Teneb Kel was promoted and given the title of Darth Thanaton.

The third, around 7 BTC, occurred when the Republic Navy sought to press the advantage gained by the Empire's failed conquest of Ord Radama. Under the command of Sith such as Darth Marr, Darth Malgus, and Darth Angral, the Sith managed to chase the Republic fleet away, following them to Ziost and achieving victory in a naval battle that lasted over thirty days.

The fourth, roughly 13-14 years after the Treaty of Coruscant, will occur when Update 2.7 is released. . .
Which is why some of the Sith statues are missing their heads.